To All Visitors/Clients  to the offices of Coyne Solicitors

The following guidelines shall apply to all visitors/clients to the office during the COVID Pandemic:

  • All visitors/ clients coming to the office will be required to wear a face mask and practise social distancing.
  • No consultation should last more than 10 minutes – longer consultations will be by phone or zoom.
  • Each client will bring their own pen/biro and shall also bring their own gloves if necessary.
  • No visitor/client is permitted into the office if they have any symptoms of flu or similar to COVID  such as coughing or sneezing if they do show those symptoms they will be asked to leave immediately
  • We will not see off the street visitors/clients without an appointment.
  • We will not sign or certify any documentation for non-clients without assessing the risk.
  • Signings will be promoted remotely wherever possible.
  • All visitors/clients will be required to sign a visitors log recording their mobile no before any consultation or meeting to enable us to keep a log of all visitors/clients who attend at the office.