Injury Claims

We Handle All Types of Accident Injury Claims

COYNE Solicitors handle all types of injury claims;

We have expertise in all types of accident claims, including;

  • Medical Negligence
  • Road Traffic Accident
  • Accident at Work
  • Farm Accident
  • Product liability

Over the past 40 years, we have achieved the highest awards and settlements on behalf of clients throughout Ireland.

Have you been in a Road Traffic accident?

The first thing to take care of is the health and safety of yourself and anyone injured in an accident. If anyone is seriously injured, then an ambulance should be called. If it’s a serious accident, the Gardai will want to interview the drivers and witnesses, and they may follow the ambulance to the hospital to follow up on their enquiries. If the accident is not very serious and there is no personal injury, the Gardai may not attend. In that case, you must exchange insurance details with the other parties. Photograph the scene of the accident and damage to all vehicles.

Time limits

  • All injury compensation claims (except medical misadventure) must first be submitted to the Injuries Board.
  • There is a very strict 2-year time limit within which you must commence your claim with the Injuries Board.

Your first consultation with COYNE Solicitors (free first consultation).

At your consultation, we will advise you on all aspects of your claim.

  • Establish that you have a claim
  • Obtain your Medical Injury Report (Form B)
  • File an application to the Injuries Board (Form A)
  • Accept/reject the decision of the Injuries Board

If your case is concluded at the Injuries Board, your claim is concluded.  However, if it does not resolve at this stage, we will expertly advise and assist you in going to court for a full hearing or settlement at the doors of the Court.

What steps are involved in bringing a case to Court.

  • Issue and serve a Personal Injuries  Summons
  • Complete the Replies to Particulars (questionnaire)
  • Serve Notice of Trial
  • Prepare you for your court case and organise your witnesses
  • Settle on the steps of the Court or run the case before the Trial judge.

This is a short summary. We have detailed sections on this website on each aspect of claims.


How a   Claim progresses;

All claims for compensation arising from an accident (except medical misadventure) must first be filed with the Injuries Board. The Injuries Board is a State established assessment board. The Injuries Board’s sole function is to process every personal claim and assess the value or refuse to assess and issue an Authorisation to sue.

The Injuries Board is straightforward – file a simple application form (Form A) together with a medical report detailing your injuries (Form B). The Injuries Board requests the other side to consent to the Injuries Board assessing value. If the injuries are complex or the Medical Report is vague, the Injuries Board may request the claimant to undergo a medical examination at an independent medical examination.

Having completed these steps, the Injuries Board issues an Assessment of your injuries’ value based on values in the Personal Injuries Guidelines 2021.

However, you are one part of the Claim- the other party has a say too. If they believe the Assessment is too high, they may reject it.  However, if both accept the assessment, your claim is concluded. The Injuries Board Assessment is legally binding. If either side rejects the Assessment, you are issued with an authorisation which allows you to bring a claim to Court for a Judge to assess or settle outside Court.

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In personal injury compensation cases, we do not charge you a % fee of your compensation.